Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

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Probably all of us are aware of the fact that an important element of a proper diet is proper hydration of the body. By providing the body with the necessary amount of fluids, we enable it to function properly, and thus we take care of our health and proper metabolism. A Health Directory cares about daily healthy lifestyle and that’s how it started.

Proper hydration is crucial not only for the health of people who play sports and lead an active lifestyle, but also for the health of each of us! It is worth learning how to best hydrate our body and how to take care of the correct level of fluids every day to ensure your well-being.

What does water do to your body?

Water is an essential ingredient for life, without which our body cannot function properly. What is more, its content in the body of each of us should be maintained at a constant level. All because water participates in every metabolic process in the body and performs many important functions:

  • enables the transport of essential ingredients such as enzymes, hormones, nutrients and oxygen;
  • It takes part in the chemical reactions that take place in the body;
  • It enables proper digestion and absorption of nutrients in food;
  • It regulates body temperature, preventing excessive overheating;
  • It removes metabolic products and harmful toxic substances.

How to effectively hydrate the body?

The best way to hydrate your body effectively is to drink clean, filtered water or mineral water rich in calcium and magnesium. The amount of water we should drink every day is an individual matter and depends on many factors, including, first of all, our lifestyle, diet and nutrition, the conditions in which we live and the state of health.

It is generally assumed, however, that an adult for every 1 kg of body weight needs about 30 cm3 of water per day, which is about 1.5 liters. However, in order to effectively hydrate the body, the intake of the indicated amount of water must be distributed at intervals.

Drinking more water at once not only does not have a positive effect on kidney function (acting as a source of temporary overload for them), but also does not provide the body with the necessary ingredients, because it is immediately expelled. Optimal hydration of the body will only be achieved when we consume water regularly and in small quantities.

How can I best hydrate my body and what should I avoid?

When irrigating the body, it is important not only to consume the right amount of water, but also to limit the consumption of fluids that can effectively disrupt this process. If you are a coffee or tea gourmet, do not forget that it is worth consuming them only in recommended daily amounts.

Although both these drinks are a source of valuable antioxidants and consumed in moderate quantities will have a positive impact on our body, they can have a dehydrating effect and worsen our mood in excess. In the case of coffee, 1-2 cups should not be exceeded, in the case of tea, 2-3 cups should not be exceeded.

Dieticians and doctors also pay attention to products that not only prevent proper hydration of the body, but also do not have the best effect on our body. If you want to effectively hydrate your body, you should minimize, and the best thing to do is to eliminate eating from your diet:

  • colourful carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, which contain a large amount of sugar and sweeteners;
  • energy drinks;
  • Flavoured waters, which, despite appearances, have little to do with a healthy, nutritious beverage, contain artificial flavouring and colouring substances, as well as sugar, sweetener and preservatives;
  • Low juice drinks that contain high levels of sugar and dyes;
  • alcohol with a high proportion of empty calories.